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Aqua Expeditions is regularly featured by top travel journalists in the travel, culinary and news media. Read below the latest press and news media coverage about Aqua Expeditions – leading guests on luxury voyages on the world’s greatest rivers.

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Travesias – Mexico

“The Aria Amazon is a cruise of three categories: river, luxury and expedition.”

Mayfair Magazine – UK

“Each day we disembark the ship for a bicycle excursion, cycling through local villages and happening upon weddings, funerals, card games and family meals… Each night we return to the boat for serpent head fish curries, red snapper, aromatic stir fries and moreish sticky rice.”

Spear’s 500 Travel Guides – UK

“It’s the end of only my first day out on the longest river in the world, as part of a cruise that sails from the town of Iquitos, Peru – known as the gateway to the Amazon, a two-hour flight north of the country’s capital, Lima – with a mission responsibly to introduce visitors to the flora and fauna that popular not only its depths, but also the acres of lush, rolling rainforest and jungle through which the river flows.”


“This article introduces the special 30% off Summer rates on Aqua Mekong cruise in 2018 and 2019.”

Hers – Japan

“The article introduces how attractive cruise experience of Aria Amazon is”

CRUISE Traveller – Japan

“Aqua Mekong is highlighted as an unprecedented exploration ship that is admired by the world travelers who know the ultimate luxury. Various excursion tours and a variety of excellent cuisines are also featured with excellence of Aria Amazon’s hospitality.

REVISTA O2 – Chile

“Spacious and indulgent, yet intimate enough to feel entirely exclusive, the Aqua Mekong incorporates the highest standards in design converting this adventure on the Mekong River in an indescribable experience of sensations.”

Let’s Travel – NZ

“Aqua Mekong stands out from all other cruises on offer. The happiest memories I have of this trip all emanate from the cruise itself.”

Country Life – UK

“We’re on one of the smallest and most luxurious riverboats and he’s famous for bringing Thai cuisine to new heights, Gastronomes wishing to explore the Mekong can share the trip with Michelin-starred chef David Thompson, who will hold masterclasses and take guests on tours into the heard of busting food markets along the way.”

Let’s Travel – NZ

“Celebrating a decade of success in 2017, Aqua Expeditions has achieved global recognition
as a leader in luxury small ship river cruising. Architect-designed, custom-built 16-Suite Aria Amazon, ply’s Peru’s legendary Amazon River, and their newest luxury vessel, the 20-suite Aqua Mekong sails the historic Mekong River between timeless Cambodia and contemporary Vietnam. Launching a series of special-edition departures and collaborations, Aqua Expeditions aim to provide their guests with unique opportunities for interaction and inspiration.”

Virtuoso Life – USA

“Aqua Expeditions founder Francesco Galli Zugaro spoke about his company’s medical services in remote Amazonian villages: When guests set out on guided day excursions to learn about the Peruvian rain forest, the ship’s doctors head off to provide health care to isolated communities.”


Travel + Leisure – USA

“After refurbishing its Aria Amazon ship two years ago, Aqua Expeditions has debuted special-interest departures.”


Condé Nast – US

“Condé Nast Traveler readers ranked the best cruise lines in the world in our 2017 Readers’ Choice Awards survey, including large ships (more than 2,500 passengers), medium ships (500 to 2,500 passengers), small ships (fewer than 500 passengers), and river cruises.”

Virtuoso Traveler – US

“Next year, Cousteau will return to join select four-, five-, and eight-day Aqua Expeditions sailings from Iquitos to lead talks and excursions, offer videography tips, and screen documentaries on some of the same stretches he filmed with his own children in Return to the Amazon, decades after his first trip.”


The Sun Herald Traveller – Australia

“You are now spoilt for choice if you want to cruise in or around every one of our planet’s seven amazlingly diverse continents.”


MiNDFOOD – Australia & NZ

“Whether you’re a seasoned passenger or thinking of taking your very first cruise, your choices are enticing and spectacular. There are now more ships travelling around New Zealand and the Pacific than ever before. Further afield, the lure to escape to the Med with a range of different offerings and price ranges makes cruising the perfect holiday option.”


El Comercio – Peru

“Set sail from Iquitos and navigate to the Pacaya Samiria Reserve aboard luxury cruises with a capacity of up to 32 passengers. On the way, at the confluence of the Ucayali and Marañón rivers, enjoy the views from the deck and stay tuned to see the pink dolphin.”


GG – Japan

“Never die without exploring the Earth” picks up a romantic trip via Aqua Mekong for the matured couple. The trip is blessed with relaxing views of Asian villages from the luxury ship offering superb cuisine.”



Precious – Japan

“Aria Amazon is recommended as one of “20 blissful destinations for the matured”. Five star luxury 3 night-cruise offers an expedition to the last hidden destination in the Amazons.”


FRaU – Japan

“A fully prepared hospitality and facility offering “camping for the grown-ups” – Ms. Yoshiko Webb reports about cruise experience on board Aqua Mekong with her daughter. Made comments of the cruise as offering numerous unique activities with detailed but friendly hospitality and with all the cost for beverages, cleaning and internet included, she believes that the Aqua Mekong price is quite reasonable, really value for money.”


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